Western Gate Roots and Wings Foundation

Our Mission:


Rebuilding lives through ceremony, storytelling, and mentorship.

Western Gate Roots and Wings Foundation Mission

Our Mission

Creating Rites of Passage for disconnected youth and veterans: we strive to end the cycle of suicide, drug, alcohol, crime, recidivism and violence rates and support these individuals in healing from traumatic and uprooting experiences. Learn More


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Rebuilding lives through ceremony, story-telling, and mentorship, Roots and Wings creates a sanctuary for veterans and youth where both have opportunity to honor the lives that have been lost by war and violence, and support the healing of trauma.


Like so many other combat veterans, I returned home with deep scars to my soul. It has been a long time since I have had the opportunity to sit in a circle of men, who came together with the specific intent of speaking honestly and courageously about their wounds, their pain, their guilt, their sorrow and grief. To be received and honored was a blessing.

Vietnam Veteran